Concrete Structures Laboratory

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering College of Engineering, Seoul National Unviersity

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  • H. Park, J-Y Cho, "Ductility Analysis of P..2016-10-10
  • G. T. Proestos, G-M Bae, J-Y Cho, E. C. Be..2016-09-17
  • S-C Lee, J-H Oh, J-Y Cho, “Fiber Efficienc..2016-09-17
  • J-H Park, J-Y Cho, H-M Koh "An Investigati..2017-01-19
  • S. Lee, K-M Kim, J-Y Cho "A Review of Dyna..2017-01-19
  • D-G Lee, C-H Kim, J-Y Cho "Finite Element ..2017-01-19
  • J-H Lee, J. An, J-Y Cho "Non-Destructive T..2017-01-19
  • J-Y Cho, J-M Park, "Similitude Law and Pse..2016-09-17
  • J-Y Cho, B. Park, J. Y. Kim, “Estimation M..2014-06-30
  • J-Y Cho, J-I Park, “A Underground Tunnel S..2014-06-30
  • J-Y Cho, J-I Park, "A Underground Tunnel a..2014-06-30
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